A Mustard Seed Sized Wedding

It was so fitting that we talked about "even if" in the last blog post regarding Covid-19 brides. I definitely was challenged to practice what I preach. We had our ups and downs and let me tell you. At the end of our wedding day, we were able to look back and it was absolutely perfect. Here are some of our God Winks with our wedding!

Well, I might as well start from the beginning. Jaxson and I were both finishing college from home due to quarantine. Jaxson's graduation was delayed and all of his class were ordered to return back to West Point to quarantine prior to graduation for two weeks. In that moment we realized that Jaxson would be quarantined in New York on our original wedding date, June 5, 2020.

A little background, it is a rule at West Point that you cannot get married until after graduation. We were praying and walking in faith that God would make a way for us to get married. Now, I'm not gonna paint myself in some gorgeous light because that's not reality. We waited over six years to get married and I really didn't want to change anything that we had already planned. The amount of tears shed and breakdowns I had could have filled the ocean. Jaxson would just hold me and tell me to have faith. If faith the size of a mustard seed could move a mountain, then our little faith could allow God to turn the "higher ups" decision towards letting people get married prior to graduation.

"He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'" -Matthew 17:20

That is the moment when the email came after all of our waiting. The email came that they were going to allow his class to get married after they commissioned and prior to graduation if we chose. Let's stop. God made a way when there was NO way. This has NEVER been done before. That is the moment we realized we were going to be able to get married two weeks early on May 23, 2020.

Everything started going into hyperdrive. Calling all of the wedding vendors, updating family and friends, finishing last minute details, and trying to enjoy each moment. In the meantime, Jaxson and I were still finishing college. I finished my last final roughly a week prior to the wedding. It was crazy to say the least, but looking back it was the best crazy season of my life.

Now, anyone who is planning a wedding or engaged, please know to choose your vendors wisely. Here is why... Our photographers, Nathan and Zoey, were absolutely amazing! We called them and they were able to still shoot our wedding. They were willing to shoot my bridal session two days prior to the wedding, our rehearsal dinner, and the wedding day. They are truly superheros.

Jaxson and I finished up our last finals and jumped full force into wedding week. Now, this is the funny part. So many people, who had the best intentions, would tell us not to stress or worry too much. They would then tell us about how they had to worry about the weather for their wedding and have back up plans upon plans. I would try to find comfort in their words, but I was also trying to navigate how to have a social distanced and CDC recommended wedding with the best support system, wedding coordinator, and venue ever! The last thing on my mind was the weather.

Y'all probably have guessed it by now! I should have thought about the weather. The forecast even a couple days prior to the wedding was pouring rain on the day of bridal portraits, rain and possible hail on the day of our outside rehearsal dinner, and pouring rain on our wedding day. Who knew we would need to prepare for a global pandemic and the weather haha?! It's honestly funny looking back because the amount of stress I was feeling was insane and completely unnecessary. God had all of this planned even before I took my first breath.

I remember looking at Jax and I was like "Why did we do this?" I was minutes away from crying again and he just pulled me into a hug. He just reminded me, "mustard seed." A mustard seed size faith.

My sweet mama gathered God-filled women to surround me in faith filled wisdom about entering marriage. They prayed over our wedding day, our marriage, and for me to be a Godly wife. It was hands down one of my favorite memories of wedding week. I was surrounded by women who had marriages built on the foundation of Christ and years of experience between all of them. I felt recharged after that night and that is exactly what I needed. I needed my cup filled.

Our sweet photographers called me the next morning and asked what I would like to do since the forecast was not looking great. I told them that we were going to pray the rain away. I must have sounded insane to someone who doesn't know the power of God. Our sweet photographers responded back that they would be praying the rain away too. Listen, surround yourself with people that will point you to Christ! People that will pray over you when you don't have the strength too. Also, remember there is no prayer too small or trivial for God. I was praying for the weather to clear up for my bridal portraits, our rehearsal dinner, and our wedding day.

Bridal portraits time came and not one single drop of rain. The sun was beating down like it does in Texas on hot summer day. You know what is even more crazy?! I almost skipped past it. The whole day I was running around doing wedding hair trials, wedding makeup trials, and getting my dress that I almost missed the answered prayer beaming down on my face. Then, Zoey came out of the car and said "We prayed the rain away." It made me stop and appreciate what God did. We need to slow down. Slow down our pace and recognize when the Lord answers our prayers.

I wake up the next day of the rehearsal dinner, the forecast was still showing storms and possible hail for that night. I just kept praying "Do it again, God." Then, a call came in from the venue. It was supposed to pour during our outside ceremony. I had to make the final call whether to switch to an indoor ceremony. We made the call to keep it outdoors. Again, we were going to pray the rain away. That night we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and again there was not even a drop of rain.

The day that I had been waiting for my whole life was here. In the morning, I had sweet texts from family and friends praying for our wedding and marriage. Then, I got a sweet video text from a bridesmaid showing me that it was drizzling. She told me a little rain on your wedding day is good luck, but we are praying it away for the ceremony. Let's take a second. Even my bridesmaids were praying over me during this journey. I was so blessed to have them there to support me and pray over me.

About thirty minutes before the wedding, Jaxson was commissioned virtually as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Which is huge!! We were officially cleared to get married. I was able to walk down the aisle to the best man alive surrounded by our loved ones with the sun kissing my face the whole time. It was hands down the best day of my life.

After our honeymoon, Jaxson returned to West Point for graduation. While he was in quarantine prior to graduation, we got mail. I opened it and immediately facetimed Jaxson. I was almost in happy tears. I told Jaxson we got our marriage license back. Guess what?! The day it was submitted and signed to be official under Texas was June 5, 2020, our original wedding date. God was winking at us.

God had the whole situation in His hands the whole time. We just had to have faith and surrender to His plan. There was no prayer too small or too big for God. We were surrounded by those who loved God and were praying for us the whole journey. We had God wink after God wink. Our marriage journey is truly my favorite. God made a way. He provided. Every single detail wasn't what we expected, but it was our perfect. It was exactly what God knew we needed.

I can't help but share because when God makes a way, when He provides, and when He winks everyone needs to know. God is working in each of our lives and He cares about what each of us are going through. He cares and loves us. Always remember that, Jesus loves and cares for you.

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